Unseen photos Of Nana Adjoa, the lady who was poisoned by her friends after telling them she was travelling to the UK soon

Recall the Ghanaian lady whose young life was snuffed out of her by her callous friends shortly after informing them she was bound for the United Kingdom in a few days’ time? 

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A Ghanaian blogger has shared her photos to eulogize her in the form of a slideshow on Instagram.

Identified as Nana Adjoa, the lady was allegedly poisoned by her friends days after she informed them that plans were far advanced for her to move to the UK.

The blogger shared the post along with this caption that underlines the grotesque shrouding Nana Adjoa’s demise. He shared;

For the past few days I’ve been wondering if I should post or not, it’s sad this happened right under my nose. It’s true she was poisoned by Friends. She was poisoned on Thursday night by and died on Friday 4PM. Rest well Jamila aka #Tundra. She get ass for the whole Hood. Rest Well 😥

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