Vocalist Nana Ama hits back at Producers

Vocalist Nana Ama hits back at Producers
Vocalist Nana Ama hits back at Producers

Last Updated on March 16, 2021 by MyGh.Online

Iconic background vocalist Nana Ama, who recently got honoured by 3Music Awards at the Women’s Brunch for contributing her quota in the Music industry over two decades has penned down an open letter about the current state of the Ghana music industry.

She wrote… ”An open letter to Alliance for Change in Ghana Music

Producers don’t have a case alone , we as background vocalists / performers also have a case in there because we also contribute on a song from our creativity as melodies and harmonies aside from “writing lyrics” so automatically it becomes our intellectual property as well.

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It’s high time we start following this procedure whenever someone approach us , it will even help us to get more jobs in this country as producers, sound engineers, background vocalists, instrumentalists.

My fellow musicians you need not to vex or run away when we ask you to sign on a split sheet agreement after charging you for an appearance fee, Everybody that contributed on your work needs to get a share of the cake”.

Thanks for your understanding.

This comes up in relation to the recent issues about musicians and how they treat producers who worked tirelessly to make sure they give them a song which they make earning from but forget and neglect those who work off the scene to make sure their song are made.

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