“We are fed up with NDC & NPP, we need him as our president in 2024” – Ghanaian youth push for millionaire Cheddar to contest as president of Ghana

Armed soldiers seen brutalizing people in Wa to be sanctioned – Ghana Armed Forces
Armed soldiers seen brutalizing people in Wa to be sanctioned

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There is a growing desire amongst some Ghanaian youth to break the monopoly of the two major political parties, NDC and NPP as they push for a new face.

Ghanaian entrepreneur and philanthropist Jacob Freedom Caesar or Nana Kwame Bediako’s name has dominated the online conversation of a section of youth who believe he is the best person to revolutionize the political atmosphere of Ghana.

Popularly referred to as “Cheddar”, there is a rallying call to all youth to move away from supporting the NDC and NPP who over the years have demonstrated that they are not in the position to move the country forward.

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Many believe until the monopoly of NDC and NPP is broken, where a new person is elected out of the political stream to lead Ghana, the country will continue to be bedevilled with poor leadership and a lack of proper development.

These youth are of the view that the experience of Cheddar coupled with his vast knowledge will inure to the benefit of the nation should he be elected as the president of Ghana in 2024. There is little or no hope that a change in government from the NPP to NDC will do Ghana any good.

Therefore, since the likes of Cheddar are around, it behoves them to rise up and lead the youth on a revolution (not in the true sense of the word).

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Below Are Screenshots Of Ghanaian Youth Canvassing For Cheddar To Contest The 2024 Election Across Social Media

Screenshot 2021 07 03 at 17.59.20

Screenshot 2021 07 03 at 18.07.04 Screenshot 2021 07 03 at 18.07.24

Screenshot 2021 07 03 at 18.17.17

If you wanna know more about who Cheddar is, watch the video below

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