We need the newly introduced business resource centres to function

We need the newly introduced business resource centres to function
We need the newly introduced business resource centres to function

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Government has opened Business resource centres in selected districts across the country to support the needs of businesses in the Micro and small enterprises (MSE) sector.

To minimise unemployment

At the opening of one of the centres, Allan Kwadwo Kyeremateng, the Minister for Trade and Industry said government was poised to eradicate the chunk unemployment canker, thereby constructing business resources centres to provide the needed assistance to entrepreneurs and business establishments.

This, together with the One District-One Factory (1D1F) initiative aimed at increasing job and employment opportunities for the youth to improve livelihoods and strengthen the economic sector.

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He explained that 67 of the business resources centres were being constructed with 37 already inaugurated, while the remaining would be ready for inauguration soon.

He said the Centres would not only serve as support and guide giving points for small and medium scale enterprises, but also create job avenues for unemployed Ghanaians.

It is a rural enterprise programme to ensure enhanced quality of products and services at the local level, he added.


The business resource centres are under the direct administration of the National Board for Small Scale Industries, NBSSI. The NBSSI was established by an Act of the Parliament of the Third Republic of Ghana (Act 434 of 1981). It commenced operations in 1985, thirty-five years ago with the mandate to support the growth the MSEs.

However, businesses in the micro and small enterprise sector have hardly benefited from the full scale of services mandated to the NBSSI for the last thirty five years. The struggles of businesses, particularly access to finance, resources and ability to set-up fully functional business are very prevalent.

The existence of NBSSI has not made much difference in easing the burdens of small businesses. You might get a lot to tell their stories if you attempt. The institution has become a “sleeping giant” in the faces of the businesses it is mandated to serve. Until the recent introduction of Government’s stimulus package to small and micro businesses hit by Covid-19 crises, which was managed by NBSSI, the institution barely gave any support to businesses

It is hoped that the Business resource centres, will not tread this path of laxity, only time, however, will tell the story.

We need the newly introduced business resource centres to function 3

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