We Outside: Plan a hotel getaway for a weekend

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Sometimes you need to be removed from your everyday experiences and go away to somewhere alone or with friends.

A private getaway is helpful in so many ways. Sometimes being in the same place for so long can have you feeling stuck, unproductive and in rot.

Travelling help us to get out of that feeling of being stuck or uninspired but there are sometimes that you cannot travel. Especially with how unsafe the country is.

A private hotel getaway could be done as a couple, a family or alone.

David had just found out he had an extra year at the university. He was more distraught because he had to change department before because of his poor grades.

Now he had failed a course and not just failed he won’t be graduating the same time as his mates.

“It wasn’t like I planned to fail the course, I fell ill during exams, and I couldn’t read. They brought the exams papers to the sickbay but I could not write it well.”

“When I saw that I had failed the course, I felt the need to run away from school. So, I travelled to Lagos and lounged in a hotel.”

“Staying in the hotel gave me a lot of clarity and courage to resume school again and face the extra year.”

Wherever you stay in the country, there are hotels and resorts you can go to for a weekend.

As you save money for rent, clothes, and other amenities, put money aside for a vacation or a getaway.

If you feel like it would be too depressing to go alone, plan a weekend getaway with your friends or partners.

You would find it interesting and invigorating and when you return to your everyday life, you will feel inspired.

It’s so easy to run out of outing ideas. We Outside is a content series that helps you with ideas for what to do for a fun outing. It’s a series of places to go to and things to do if you want to have fun in town

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