We Outside: Reasons why you should visit Lekki Conservation Centre

Last Updated on June 5, 2021 by MyGh.Online

This week we would be giving reasons why you should absolutely visit Lekki Conservation Centre.

If you are thinking of going there as a visitor of Lagos State or a resident, I am here to convince you that you absolutely should.

I would be counting down four reasons why you should go there.

Lekki conservation centre has the longest canopy walk in Africa. The canopy walk is about 22km long. It is a long walk, do not go there if you are tired or have not eaten all day, as you walk on you ascend higher and higher, also not a good idea if you fear heights. There is a family walkway that is much lower and less scary for such a person.

All the pictures of nature and your experience there should be captured. There would make beautiful pictures documenting your experience.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes like boots to sneakers.
  2. Go along with water.
  3. You pay a gate fee of N1000 per person before you start the walk.

It’s so easy to run out of outing ideas. We Outside is a content series that helps you with ideas for what to do for a fun outing. It’s a series of places to go to and things to do if you want to have fun in town

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