What do I need to know before marrying an older man?

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Throw in the fact that the husband is wealthy and it’s natural that suspicions are raised.

But is marrying and older man really that bad? Let’s take a deeper look at the topic of marrying an older man pros and cons of it.

Ifedayo Olarinde, known to Nigerians as Daddy Freeze, caught up with Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko vacationing in Dubai. It was the first interview they agreed to since after their marriage. During the interview the 20-year-old actress revealed why she married an older man in Ned. She attributed that decision to her not being an easy-going person.

Later in the interview, Ned was asked about his love for the young actress. He straightened the story of how they met. He said, “Some people thought I met her (Regina) through her mother. We met, fell in love and got married within three weeks.” And as more questions rolled by, Regina was asked if she was worried about public opinion. To which she answered, “The only thing I was worried about when he proposed was how I was going to tell my family and not what the public will say or think. I have learned a lot from him. According to her, she calls him ‘baby’. “I used to cook but my husband has stopped me from entering the kitchen because we have cooks and domestic staff.”

Finally, the couple spoke of their mutual interest in swimming. And Ned used the opportunity to announce that he is building a sports university, for those who did not already know.

In marrying an older man, there are pros and cons to consider. We will start with the pros and then the cons.

  • Financial stability: most older men are at that point in their lives where they have their finances already figured out, whether they’re businessmen or career men. So that’s one less thing to worry about.
  • They’re straight shooters: An older man knows exactly what he’s looking for. He isn’t there to figure it out along the way. If he wants commitment, he’ll go ahead and say it. 
  • They are confidence: confidence comes with experience. So being around the block for some time affords older men the confidence you might not find in young men.
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  • You might feel like a baby: the dynamic may make you feel immature from time to time. It’s easier if he doesn’t help the feeling, but if he does you might begin to regret that decision. 
  • They can be controlling: usually, older men have the urge to control every situation. They want to always feel in control. You may find yourself struggling to assert yourself. 
  • Life will be less exciting: you may find that life could be less exciting with the older guy. He may not be interested in partying, vacationing, seeing new places. Chances are he’s past that stage by the time he met you. 

To every decision, there’s always a reason to do it and a reason not to. In the end you’re all that matters and you ought to do what you think is best for you.

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