Why it is okay to have pimples

Why it is okay to have pimples
Why it is okay to have pimples

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It goes without saying that pimples pop up randomly and unexpectedly. You could wake up one morning and see a giant one on your face.

So, before your rush into your kitchen and apply whatever concussion you can think of, ask yourself if you have a problem with acne, then you can start to assess your lifestyle.

What am I eating? What am I putting on my body? What am I drinking? What can I do to make sure this acne or pimples is not recurrent?

Pimples appear on your face because your face is secreting more oil than it should, and it would disappear in a few days or weeks if you let it.

For some women, pimples come when their menstrual period is close.

If you are notice pimples on your face.

  1. Wash your face every night before you sleep
  2. Do not allow your face to get oily, put some powder on it.
  3. Wash your pillowcase!
  4. Do not worry about it because it is okay to have pimples.

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