Why men send D**k pics?11 guys reveal their dirty secrets

Why men send D**k pics?11 guys reveal their dirty secrets
Why men send Dk pics11 guys reveal their dirty secrets

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1. They’re not really thinking. Decapsk8 says he sent a dick pic once and had no idea why he sent it. After he found out the woman he had sent it to showed his photo to her 80-year-old coworker, that was the end of his pic-sending career.

2. They want an opinion on the photo. SpartanH089 says he sent a dick pic to his ex because he wanted to know what she thought of it. He said his ex was impressed, not with his dick, but with the “quality of the picture.” Um, OK.

4. They assume women like getting them because they want vagina pics. Dysph0ria rightly calls this a “missaplication [sic] of the Golden Rule.” He says, “We’d love it if random women sent us nude pics. Stupid guys who know nothing about women tend to assume women would respond the same way we would, as if women are just like us.

5. They want to know if you’re interested. AsAGayJewishDemocrat says he’s a gay guy who occasionally sends dick pics as a way to gauge how interested someone is. So I guess if they write back, “Yup!” he knows he’s in.

7. They like their dick and want to show it off. Itsreallyscary says he has a “big dong” and gets off on the reactions to it. He says, “I always felt like having a big dong sucks if nobody knows about it,” so he likes the reactions he gets when they find out.

9. They momentarily lose track of their sanity. Seven_inch says he got really turned on one night and just took a dick pic and sent it to a girl he met online. He says he really wasn’t thinking and just got “caught up in the moment.” He also says he’s never sent an unsolicited dick pic since.

10. They think it’s thrilling. Rz-req says he gets a “thrill” while he’s doing it and feels “lucky to receive positive responses” from the women he sent them to.

11. They have horrible social skills. GotNoDice says he used to send dick pics because “I had a large member but weak social skills with women.” A+ self-awareness.

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