You could be guilty of micro-cheating: here's how to know

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Afterall, you have never slept with someone else while in a relationship, neither have encouraged liaisons with someone else’s partner that you would be embarrassed if it ever got out.

So, as much as cheating goes on regularly all around, we all like to claim innocence and being uninvolved.

But really, how true is that?

Maybe you are not guilty of sleeping with someone who is not your partner and maybe you haven’t made out with someone else or had any other affair with someone else while in a relationship but that’s not the end of it.

According to Metro UK, micro-cheating, in its most basic form, is cheating without physically crossing the line. And that’s the all-encapsulating definition of the concept. Micro cheating is usually subtle, so subtle in fact that you may even be deluded into thinking you are not doing anything wrong, when in fact you are making extra little efforts, putting tiny extra touches into looking different or just any other thing to catch someone else’s attention or to look good for them or be thrilling to them.

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“The thing with micro-cheating,” Metro UK adds, “is that if you’re actively thinking about getting someone else’s attention when you shouldn’t be, you’re actively being unfaithful. The point is, putting in that extra effort (did you really need to slap on that extra bit of concealer?) is now basically a form of shady infidelity. You cross the sacred line of romance when you feel that your actions would make your partner feel uncomfortable.”

Understanding the concept of micro cheating and its implications help you become a better, more rounded partner who is considerate of their partner’s feelings by not doing things they would not like at all, as opposed to someone who does these things and then hopes the partner never finds out.

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