“You should not beg for money when you have big a$$, do pr0sti.tu!ion”- Lady advises beggar girl

"You should not beg for money when you have big a$$, do pr0sti.tu!ion"- Lady advises beggar girl
You should not beg for money when you have big

Last Updated on September 1, 2021 by MyGh.Online

A girl who went to ask a “rich” lady in traffic for some money to eat received some shocking advise.

In Ghana, it is usual to see kids begging for money in traffic. Despite the fact that it is illegal, authorities have turned a blind eye to the heinous action, even when it is directly in front of their eyes.

Adults and children can be found strolling in traffic and knocking on window panes to beg for pennies in every major city in Ghana.

When a curvaceous street beggar going about her everyday business knocked on the window of a lady driving a luxurious car, she got the shock of her life.

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The beggar thought she had struck gold because the driver was also a lady and would be sympathetic to her, but this was not the case.

The ‘Rich’ lady behind the wheel of the fancy car told the beggar flat out that she should stop begging on the streets and go into prostitution instead.

She went on to say that God gave the beggar big backsides on purpose, and it’s up to her to exploit them to obtain what she wants.

The woman even suggested that the beggar be introduced to some well-to-do men in order for them to change her fate.

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She confessed that she works in the prostitution industry and understands what guys want– a girl with a huge nyash like the beggar.

She tried to persuade the beggar that instead of begging on the street, she should sell her curvy body as other well-known celebrities do to acquire what she wants.

At the conclusion of her advise, she stated that she would not sleep around with guys to obtain the luxury she already enjoys and then hand it over to a beggar with the assets to achieve more than she has.

see this video below.

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