YouTube beauty guru discusses dark true crime cases while giving makeup tips

A still from one of Bailey's makeup videos
YouTube beauty guru discusses dark true crime cases while giving

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A beauty YouTuber has shot to fame for her videos discussing dark true crime cases whilst blending eyeshadow on camera.

Bailey Sarian’s career as a YouTuber has a unique twist to it when compared to other make-up filmmakers on the site.

While showing her audience the best make-up and contouring techniques, the 32-year-old will simultaneously discuss a specific gruesome murder or serial killer.

Her audience of over 5 million subscribers probably do not just follow her for her make-up advice, but rather also because they want to lose themselves grim world of true crime.

A still from one of Bailey's makeup videos
A still from one of Bailey’s makeup videos

Flashback to 2013 when Bailey was just 23-years-old and you’ll find a much more toned down version of her YouTube channel, featuring simple makeup looks and general tricks of the trade to remember.

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It wasn’t until 2019 that she delved into the world of true crime, and incorporated horrific tales into her GRWM videos (which stands for get ready with me in the YouTube world.)

Speaking to Allure magazine , Bailey said: “I don’t ever want to come across as disrespectful to the victims, I try to state that numerous times because what I do is often questioned.

“A lot of true crime videos on YouTube are people talking to the camera, but they aren’t necessarily doing anything. That’s great and works for them. But I didn’t want to do that.”

Every Monday, Bailey will sit down and talk about a true crime case that’s been on her mind. Perhaps the most bizarre part is how oddly calming her videos are, even when she’s talking about someone like Jeffrey Dahmer.

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Sharing true crime cases with the world is something that Bailey is just naturally good at though, with many subscribers impressed with her genuine interest and passion for the sometimes horrific subjects.

One subscriber commented: “I love how you talk about it like you’re spilling tea with a fake friend!”

It’s not always true crime all the time for Bailey though, even she needs a break from it sometimes. Mondays still remain MM&M (murder mysteries and makeup), but on Saturday she chooses to upload content outside of murder for a bit of variety.

She’s actually just started her own dark history podcast too, which is definitely a little bit different to just learning about the Tudors at school, it covers massacres, torture, and all things bloody.

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